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About Us

Based in the North West and founded in 2008, Knowledge Web Limited is fast becoming the preferred provider for employers looking to grow their business using apprentices as their workforce for the future

As an established recruitment and accredited training provider, our aim is to find the right apprentice for your organisation, and the right organisation for our apprentices.

Knowledge Web exists to make England better skilled and more competitive.  We are responsible for ensuring the availability of high-quality education and training for everyone.  We have a single goal: to improve the skills of England’s young people and adults to world class standards. 

Our vision is that young people and adults in England possess the knowledge and skills so that they match the best in the world and are part of a truly competitive workforce.  We work nationally, regionally and locally to deliver this ambition on behalf of learners and employers.

Knowledge Web provides a completely free recruitment service to organisations that wish to offer apprentices the opportunity to complete their chosen qualification. With full funding available for the training of apprentices and various government incentives in place, there has never been a better time to consider employing apprentices to enhance your current workforce.

Meet the Team

 Sam Pic

Samantha Markham

Office Manager

T: 0161 428 3080 E:

My Role at Knowledge Web: Responsible for managing the Employer Engagement and recruitment team, developing a business plan covering sales, revenue, and expense controls, meeting agreed targets, and promoting the organisation’s presence throughout the UK.

Describe yourself briefly: Determined driven character but also happy and kind with a passion for having fun whilst working hard

Favourite Sports Team: Manchester City

Likes: My family and friends, Ollie my dog and great nights out.

Dislikes: Anything that crawls apart from cute babies

An interesting fact about me: I have stroked a crocodile which was a little scary


Ged Profile Picture

Ged Ward

Quality & Compliance Co-ordinator

T: 0161 428 3080 E:

My Role at Knowledge Web: To undertake compliance projects as required including research, analysis and preparation of internal and external procedures. To maintain proper record keep and reporting processes.

Describe yourself briefly: I am hardworking and diligent and I like to help people whenever I can. I enjoy watching and playing football and I value the time I get to spend with my family.

Favourite Sports Team: Manchester United

Likes: I like sport in general, watching films and TV dramas and I enjoy many different types of music.

Dislikes: Letting people down, being late and sitting in traffic jams.

An interesting fact about me: I once ran a marathon with virtually no preparation.



Peter Guest

Functional Skills Coordinator, ILT Developer and Assessor

T: 0161 428 3080 E: 

My Role at Knowledge Web: Functional Skills Coordinator, ILT Developer and Assessor

Describe yourself briefly: People are confused when they meet me. Most people say I am a family man, some say I used to be in neighbours, a few people say I could be a children’s TV presenter. All agree I am an enigma. If they ask for my real story I tell them;
Having studied at school and left after my A-Levels, I entered the hospitality industry, 18 years later I am a fully qualified professional Hospitality Manager, trained Chef and Assessor.
I have developed my business knowledge to a level akin with Sir Alan Sugar, only with a professional athletes work ethic. I also have a passion for ICT and developing people.

Favourite Sports Team: My 5 a side squad!

Likes: Cheese, Summer nights, whisky, My family, & Sci-Fi,

Dislikes: Arrogance, Traffic Queues, and Sherbert,

An interesting fact about me: I used to be David Beckhams Paperboy!


 Rsz 117800302 10154506523268951 3492578392453815580 N

Kev Benson

Digital Marketing Apprentice

T: 0161 428 3080 E:

My Role at Knowledge Web: My role at Knowledge Web centers around the planning and implementation of our digital marketing strategy. Im responsible for our social media and administering the company website. I’ll also help out with sales and coordinating functional skills assessments. I also provide candidates with additional tutoring in English language.

Describe yourself briefly: Pleasant and (apparently) charming, with a dash of wit and sarcasm. I could be a great writer one day if I find the motivation.

Favourite Sports Team: The Harlem Globetrotters. 

Likes: Buying books with the intention of reading them. Gourmet burgers. Gourmet fried chicken...anything gourmet really. Every single one of Paul Scholes' goals for Man United.

Dislikes: People who show a lack of common courtesy (e.g.not saying thanks when I hold a door open for them), when people dont indicate at a mini roundabout (just rude), being stood behind a tall person at a gig (so selfish), baked beans, tomato ketchup and juicy bits orange juice. 

An interesting fact about me: I've left grafitti on the Great Wall of China.

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We are always on the lookout for talented individuals, if you want to be part of the team contact Samantha for our latest vacancies!



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