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Tips for a new Apprentice


So, you have secured your apprenticeship and are setting out in to the working world, he have devised these tips to help you with the transition in to a working environment and how to become a top apprentice!

1) Get to know your colleagues

Apprenticeships will involve a mentor or ‘buddy’ to help you throughout the process. A mentor is usually a more senior colleague working in the same department as you, whose job it is to guide you through your new role.

This could be getting to grips with a certain task in the office, administrative issues, or those times when you feel a little out of your depth and need a chat.

Your mentor is a good start, but also make efforts to branch out and get to know others in the office too. Learning people’s names and what they do helps a lot in building bridges at work.

2) Organise your time

Make sure you have arranged time aside with your Manager/mentor so you can prepare your framework ready for assessor visits, this time is crucial to make sure your portfolio is kept up to date and you stay on track with your apprenticeship. If you do fall behind or find yourself struggling then follow point 3..

3) Ask for help when you need it

It’s okay to ask for help, after all, an apprenticeship is all about learning! This is your opportunity to learn everything you need to know about the role and sector you are in, so it's important to ask questions as you won’t be expected to know it all straight away!

It’s important you clear up problems when they crop up, as you’ll have a certain degree of responsibility as an apprentice.

4) Take note of how others work

Take a look around you and see how other’s work within the organisation, you can learn a lot by looking around and watching other, see how they communicate with colleagues and clients. Look at all levels, staff, Managers, Directors. You can pick up some very useful tips on how to communicate and how to organise time.

5) Be enthusiastic about your tasks

Showing Enthusiasm won’t go unnoticed and positive approach to anything you’re asked to do will help people to remember you. This could help you to be involved in more exciting projects later on, and meet with some of the company’s top clients.

So get involved with as much as you can and show a desire to learn and progress, this can help launch your career with the company